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It is possible to help fund the transition to a free, abundant and sustainable society while making money.

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Prosocial Tribe invests across multiple low-risk, high-yield decentralized finance protocols, generating solid returns while participating in the democratization of finance.

How we invest

We invest in many different decentralized smart contracts on blockchains like Terra, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Arbitrum, Avalanch, Fantom, Cosmos, and many more.

Benefits from the immense wealth-generating opportunities of this revolutionary technology.

Funds blockchain technology that improves human rights by giving people autonomy over their economic activity and finances.

Know exactly where our money is by watching the operations of the investments in real time.

Keeps savings safe while also doing good in the world. The funds invested generate between 19% and 80% yearly revenue. Profits will be donated to The Prosocialise Foundation.

Choose between 2 risk/yield strategies


A high yearly return with about the same risk as a regular savings account.

We invest in the best stablecoins which follow the price of major currencies such as the US dollar and the Euro. These stablecoins are then deposited in revenue generating protocols that have demonstrated reliability and high liquidity.

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Considerably higher yearly return with about the same risk as the stock market.

When the market is on a run we invest in a mix of non-stable tokens and cryptocurrencies. These are then deposited in reliable protocols that give very high yield. When the market turns, we sell for a profit and buy stablecoins that also give returns while waiting for the next run.

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